GPSPATRON is a pure engineering company that offer practical solutions in mitigating the threats of GNSS spoofing, jamming, and signal quality analysis

We conduct scientific research that is geared towards developing products and solutions for advanced GNSS spoofing/jamming protection. Our team also provides services for customizing and integrating our solution into existing customer infrastructure.


GPSPATORN began in mid-2018 when one of our clients described the problem of GNSS spoofing. Armies, authorities, security companies use spoofing to protect VIPs against drones. Since all GNSS receivers are susceptible to spoofing attacks, this affects many sectors: UAV, time synchronization systems, and especially real-time kinematic or RTK. Over the past ten years, the cost of performing GNSS spoofing has dropped from $100,000 to $100. Thanks to the broad distribution of low-cost SDRs and open-source projects on GitHub, anyone can now spoof GNSS.

We assembled a team of engineers with a strong background in enterprise-grade solutions development and specialized in automated measuring systems for infrastructure monitoring, production line automation, and of course, GNSS. We have a passion for projects related to the internet of things (IoT), 5G, radio spectrum monitoring, high load, and machine learning.

Before launching the project, we studied hundreds of scientific publications and then developed a GPS spoofer with advanced attack scenarios. We spent much time experimenting with GNSS modules and time servers. The spoofer allowed us to develop various attack techniques and investigate the effects of spoofing. We found that the only method for detecting intentional, coherent spoofing is to analyze the spatial characteristics of the GNSS signal. We performed many interactions and eventually developed a system that consists of a three-channel GNSS probe and cloud service.

We have successfully conducted a series of months-long test-zone in Russia, and now we are confident that GPSPATRON is capable of detecting multi-constellation military-scale spoofing attacks.

gps spoofing status

Our Mission

GPSPATRON aims to provide an effective enterprise-grade solution for:
– time-critical infrastructures protection against GNSS spoofing/jamming
– RTK base station quality monitoring and protection
– GNSS interference detection and classification
– clock synchronization accuracy monitoring
– GNSS signal quality analysis and logging


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