Monitor and Protect GNSS-Dependent Critical Infrastructure with

GPSPATRON – GNSS Signal Quality Monitoring

Advanced Spoofing and Jamming Detection

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spoofing attack calendar

Synchronous Spoofing Detection

Detection of intentional sophisticated synchronous spoofing attacks…    Learn more

GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou

The system supports all existing satellite navigation systems


Monitoring and protecting
GNSS-dependent critical
infrastructure 24/7/365 days a year

System Functions

GNSS Signal Monitoring

Measurement and storage of GNSS signal parameters. Signal quality estimation…
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GNSS Threat Detection

Detection of military-scale, multi-constellation GNSS spoofing and jamming and other threats…
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Synchronization Monitoring

Precise real-time PPS phase accuracy monitoring for time-critical applications…
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System Products

GP-Cloud GNSS Signal Quality
gps jamming and spoofing

Anomalies Detection

Neural network-based algorithms can detect advanced synchronous GNSS spoofing attacks, jammers and other GNSS signal anomalies.

Enterprise-Grade Application

GPSPATRON team has applied the most advanced software tools for real-time operation under high-load. Each GP-Probe generates more than 500MB every day!

Time/Position Accuracy Monitoring

GP-Cloud estimates time/position accuracy and stores historical data: satellites, SNR, DOP’s, PR residual, etc. There are 15 charts for detailed analysis of GNSS signals.


Powerful API with documentation in Swagger allows you to integrate the solution in an existing infrastructure.

GP-Probe TGE-1 for GPS spoofing detection

3 RF Channels

Three RF channels to detect intentional, synchronous, multiple-transmitter GNSS spoofing.


The GP-Probe with a dual-power module, real-time operating system, and secure firmware auto-update engine protect a critical infrastructure 24/7/365 days a year.

PPS Offset Measurement

PPS input for checking time server health and monitoring the entire synchronization system. The GP-Probe measures the time offset between internal and external PPS.


Optional threat blocker with an embedded noise generator can suppress the most powerful counterfeit RF signals…     Learn more

How It Works

Why Us?

Verified Solution

The solution has been tested in both laboratory and live-sky environments under military-scale, multi-constellation GNSS spoofing and jamming…

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Wide Compatibility

Three system integration methods: WEB API, a GP-Probe embedded Lua, and the GP-Blocker to support a client’s multi-vendor infrastructure …

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Spoofer Simulator

To become adept
in the field of protection against GPS spoofing, you must become an expert in the field of spoofing attacks…

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Vulnerability Testing

We have tested various time servers from world-famous manufacturers with the GP-Simulator, even with embedded spoofing detection algorithms…

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Businesses That Rely on Our Engineering Talents

Financial Services

Based on MiFID II and SEC 613 regulation, financial service firms in Europe and the US must comply …

GPSPATRON helps to obtain the mandatory precision from GNSS in difficult jamming conditions, an inferior GNSS antenna placement, and even under spoofing ...

Data Centers

Data centers require sub-millisecond precision timestamping ...


Digital broadcasting in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) mode like DVB-T/T2, T-DMB, DAB, or DRM requires ...


According to ICAO Annex 10 requirements, airports need to implement ...


GNSS is currently applied to diverse marine applications such as navigation, seafloor mapping ...


GNSS is utilized to track trains on low-density line networks. Automatic Train Control Systems use GNSS to ...

Dangerous Goods Transportation

Transportation of dangerous goods is one of the main security applications ...

Power Systems

Time synchronization distortion of a Phasor Measurement Units can lead to ...

Network RTK

GNSS RTK network is a critical part of many applications with precise, real-time positioning requirements ...

Autonomous Machines

The success of autonomous machines requires uncompromised accuracy and reliability of the GNSS...


In telecom (3G, 4G, SATCOM, PMR, PSTN), GNSS is utilized for ...

Spectrum Monitoring

GPSPATRON can be utilized for interference monitoring for GNSS bands ...

Armed Forces

The armed forces actively use GNSS spoofing during exercises, operations, and to protect bases against drones ...

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Success Stories

We are a team of enthusiastic developers who practice their long-standing technical expertise to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction

“GPSPATRON provides an excellent tool for GNSS signal quality analysis. With an embedded spoofing/jamming detection and classification algorithms, we create a resilient synchronization system.”

Michael Vekselman



Svetlana Starostina Photo Moscow Exchange

“Joint experiments with GPSPATRON specialists allowed us to estimate vulnerabilities of time servers to intentional and non-intentional GPS spoofing, to obtain statistics on the quality of GNSS signals at antenna installation points. Research carried out with GPSPATRON will help us improve the architecture of our timing system, making it resistant to even the most complex, targeted attacks.”

Svetlana Starostina

Head of Hardware Support Department,

Moscow Exchange

“GPSPATRON solution protects DVB-T2 transmitter’s synchronization system against GNSS spoofing, ensuring uninterrupted operation of Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting. The system allows us to define interference zones for GNSS and improve synchronization accuracy under challenging electromagnetic conditions.”

Oleg Shakun

Head of Laboratory, Krasnodar KRTPTS,




Can the existing GNSS antenna be shared between a time server and a GP-Probe?
What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous spoofing attacks?
Why does the GP-Probe require external PPS?
Can the GP-Cloud application be installed before the firewall?
Can the existing GNSS antenna be shared between a time server and a GP-Probe?

Yes, sure. You can use GP-Divider. It is a two-way RF power divider with a 10 mA current simulation. The current simulation is needed for the time server with the antenna preamplifier current measurement.

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous spoofing attacks?

In an asynchronous spoofing attack, the generated signal can differ from the original one in a variety of parameters like coordinates, time, etc. Synchronous spoofer generates a counterfeit signal that is identical to the genuine. Asynchronous attacks are easy to detect due to a sharp shift in the parameters. Synchronous attacks are much more difficult to execute but they allow attackers to unnoticeably shift time or coordinates. Learn more in our article.

Why does the GP-Probe require external PPS?

It is not a requirement at all. You can connect PPS output of the time server to the PPS input of the GP-Probe and control the phase offset. It is an additional function of the system for controlling the health of the time server in real-time

Can the GP-Cloud application be installed before the firewall?

Affirmative. The GP-Cloud can be supplied under different license types. Use it in the cloud or install it on your own servers.

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