GNSS Cybersecurity Platform

Our all-in-one platform excels in real-time GNSS interference management, offering precise monitoring/classification/localization. It’s designed to detect anomaly in raw GNSS observation and, when combined with GP-Probe, counters even the most intricate spoofing assaults.

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GPSPATRON’s core component. Web-based application for real-time analysis of raw GNSS data coming from GP-Probes or third-party GNSS receivers. Supports multiple data formats.

  • Interference detection, classification, and localization
  • GNSS signal quality analysis, logging, and post-analysis
  • Event detection and user alerting
GP-Cloud map
GP-Cloud user interface


Industrial Applications

Financial Services

Based on MiFID II and SEC 613 regulation, financial service firms in Europe and the US must comply …

GPSPATRON helps to obtain the mandatory precision from GNSS in difficult jamming conditions, an inferior GNSS antenna placement, and even under spoofing ...

Data Centers

Data centers require sub-millisecond precision timestamping ...


Digital broadcasting in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) mode like DVB-T/T2, T-DMB, DAB, or DRM requires ...


According to ICAO Annex 10 requirements, airports need to implement ...


GNSS is applied to diverse marine applications such as navigation, seafloor mapping ...


GNSS is utilized to track trains on low-density line networks. Automatic Train Control Systems use GNSS to ...

Dangerous Goods Transportation

Transportation of dangerous goods is one of the leading security applications ...

Power Systems

Time synchronization distortion of Phasor Measurement Units can lead to ...

Network RTK

GNSS RTK network is a critical part of many applications with precise, real-time positioning requirements ...

Autonomous Machines

The success of autonomous machines requires uncompromised accuracy and reliability of the GNSS...


In telecom (3G, 4G, SATCOM, PMR, PSTN), GNSS is utilized for ...

Spectrum Monitoring

GPSPATRON can be utilized for interference monitoring for GNSS bands ...

Armed Forces

The armed forces actively use GNSS spoofing during exercises, operations, and to protect bases against drones ...

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