Monitor and Protect GNSS-Dependent Critical Infrastructure with

GPSPATRON – GNSS Signal Quality Monitoring System

GNSS Quality Monitoring System
Supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
24/7 Real-Time Position and Timing Accuracy Monitoring
Detection of All Types of Spoofing and Jamming
Supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
24/7 Real-Time Position and Timing Accuracy Monitoring
Detection of All Types of Spoofing and Jamming

Comprised of low-cost three-channel GNSS probes and cloud service

GNSS Quality monitoring system by GPS Patron

System products

Use Cases

Financial Services

Spoofing attacks can cause a timestamp shift that influences the security and integrity of banking transactions and can lead to data manipulations.

Power Grid System

Time synchronization distortion of a Phasor Measurement Units can lead to cascading faults and large-scale power blackouts. Learn more

Transport Infrastructure

The distribution of autonomous vehicles require uncompromised accuracy of coordinates. Coordinates manipulations can lead to undesired damages, and even human losses.

Cellular Communication Networks

Modern communication systems such as 5G require high precision PPS. Poor satellite signal quality or intentional spoofing attacks can leave whole regions and even cities without communication.

How it works

GPS Spoofing Gadgets


Install GP-Probe on your time/coordinates-critical infrastructure, for example, near your time server. The GP-Probe has a transit RF port for transmitting GNSS signals to the protected receiver.

In case of spoofing or low signal quality, GP-Probe disables the transit port.


To guarantee uncompromised detection of any type of advanced spoofing, GP-Probe uses 3 spaced antennas for measuring GNSS signals.

Every second GP-Probe registers more than 900 parameters for all visible GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo satellites.

GPS Spoofing
GPS Jamming


For advanced time server protection, the GP-Probe can measure the difference between internal and external PPS. In the case of any major mismatch, GP-Probe instantly sends the corresponding alarm to the GP-Cloud.

This functionality helps to improve the overall reliability of synchronization systems.


GP-Probe transmits raw data to the GP-Cloud for real-time processing. GP-Cloud analyzes data and computes the time/coordinates accuracy and probability of spoofing/jamming.

The spoofing detection algorithm is based on cutting edge Machine Learning Techniques for anomalies detection and classification.

Active GNSS Antennae Support
Auto Tracker GPS


Monitor your entire time/coordinates critical infrastructure in a single user-friendly web-interface. If the system detects any type of spoofing or jamming, as well as GNSS parameters degradation, you will receive instant notification.

A powerful REST API allows you to integrate your existing infrastructure to our solution.

With GPS Patron’s combination of powerful cloud-based software and hardware, your infrastructure will be securely protected from even the most advanced spoofing attacks.

Professional Services

If you want to get a deeper understanding of your time/coordinates-critical system, GPS Patron’s team of professionals provides the following services:

  • Evaluate your systems for potential vulnerabilities to spoofing and jamming attacks
  • GNSS signals quality monitoring as a service
  • Solution customization

Monitor and protect GNSS-dependant infrastructure right now

Monitor and protect GNSS-dependant infrastructure right now