AI-powered app for true real-time GNSS signal quality analysis, interference detection and classification

Advanced GNSS spoofing/jamming detection, localization and logging

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    Stay Ahead of GNSS Threats with One Comprehensive Solution
    Enjoy true real-time GNSS signal quality analysis, spoofing/jamming/anomaly detection, RF spectrum and PPS accuracy monitoring all in one UI. Supports GP-Probe, RTCM@NTRIP, Septentrio SBF, U-blox UBX, and more
    Detect and Investigate Sophisticated GNSS Spoofing Attacks
    With three-channel GP-Probe TGE2 and advanced algorithms, GP-Cloud provides real-time protection against any type of deliberate GNSS spoofing attack
    Explore GNSS Interference Modulation Features
    GP-Probe TGE2 is equipped with an FPGA-powered RF signal analyzer with 60 MHz bandwidth. It helps to identify the interference and develop effective countermeasures. Moreover, GP-Probe sends raw IQ data to the cloud to localize the interference using TDOA
    GP-Cloud Dashboard: Real-Time Probe Status and Event Statistics
    Monitor real-time status of connected probes, track site quality, and analyze recorded events including GNSS availability, number of events, duration, and which constellations were more affected.
    Ensure Reliable Time Synchronization with GP-Probe and GP-Cloud
    GP-Probe measures the phase deviation between the internal and external PPS to monitor the status of a time server, providing reliable and accurate clock synchronization for critical infrastructure.
    GP-Cloud Keeps You Informed of All GNSS Incidents
    Never miss a critical GNSS event again! GP-Cloud logs all detected events such as spoofing, jamming, anomalies, and more, and sends instant notifications to keep you informed and in control.
    Detailed GNSS Event Overview
    Dive into detailed information about the recorded incident: start/stop times, GNSS statuses, data charts, RF spectrum info, position on map. You can even leave comments about the event for your colleagues.
    Stay Ahead of GNSS Threats with One Comprehensive Solution

    Key Features

    Connect all your RTK BS via RTCM@NTRIP or any other GNSS receivers via NMEA@NTRIP to our сloud and get real-time notifications of detected anomalies. Conduct post-analysis of registered incidents to develop effective methods of protection against GNSS spoofing and jamming. Utilize our GP-Probe for in-depth understanding and classification of GNSS interference

    GNSS Anomalies Detection

    Neural network-based algorithms can detect advanced synchronous GNSS spoofing attacks, jammers and other GNSS signals anomalies.

    GNSS Quality Monitoring

    GP-Cloud estimates time/position accuracy and calculates GNSS signal quality metrics for each constellation individually.

    Enterprise-grade application

    GPSPATRON team has applied the most advanced software tools for real-time operation under high-load. Each GP-Probe generates more than 1500MB every day.

    3rd-Party Support

    The GP-Cloud supports 1-Hz GNSS data from RTK base stations or other GNSS probes\receivers using the RTCM, NMEA, Septentrio SBF protocols over NTRIP.

    Data Logging

    The GP-Cloud stores in the database dozens of parameters of all visible satellites: pseudorange, carrier phase, Doppler, residual, CN0, DOPs, satellite position, accuracy, quality, spoofing\jamming probability, etc.


    Powerful API with documentation in Swagger allows you to integrate the solution in an existing infrastructure.

    What GNSS Spoofing Is?

    GNSS Vulnerabilities. Why is GNSS spoofing widespread? How our solution works.
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