Ensure the GNSS Signal Integrity and PositionTime Accuracy Remains Uncompromised

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Evaluate the Vulnerability of Your GNSS Equipment to Spoofing

Do you have GNSS-dependent critical infrastructure and you wish to evaluate its vulnerability to a new and more common threat of GNSS spoofing attacks?

GPSPATRON provides laboratory testing services of your GNSS equipment for identifying vulnerabilities to spoofing attacks.
Since we are developing a dedicated system of protection against spoofing and experimenting in the field, we hold all the necessary empirical knowledge about different types of attacks, their features, as well as their methods of execution.
To simulate a spoofing attack, we use our unique solution — the GP-Simulator. For your exact requirements, we will modify test methods and protocol templates.

Typical test objects are the RTK Base Stations and Time Servers.

We would also like to draw your attention to our Test Patron team — test and measurement automation provider. Our Test Patron team can custom-build automated test stands for performing the corresponding types of tests.

On-Site Testing of Your Infrastructure’s Resistance to GNSS Spoofing

Would you like to evaluate the vulnerability of your entire GNSS-dependent infrastructure to spoofing?

The GPSPATRON team can conduct all the indispensable tests on your site following a pre-approved test schedule. You can appraise how your existing infrastructure responds to a timestamp shift, PPS shift, and GNSS signal quality degradation.

GNSS Signal Quality Monitoring as a Service

Is it essential to select the appropriate site for GNSS equipment like RTK Base Station, Time Server, etc.? Or do you want to confirm that the quality of GNSS signals on your current site meets strict requirements?

GPSPATRON offers its solutions as a service so you can monitor and protect your time coordinate-critical infrastructure without investing in new hardware and software. We can lease the GP-Probe, install it on your site, and conduct the corresponding measurements.

The GP-Probe registers more than 900 parameters for all visible GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou. Galileo satellites every second. The massive volume of data is collected and stored in the GP-Cloud for further analysis. We submit all the compulsory methods and tools required to scrutinize that data for calculating GNSS quality indicators. We prepare test reports with further recommendations. This service is expedient for EGNOS and WARS providers and operators for the factual site selection and RFI monitoring.

System Installation Services

The GPSPATRON team provides the GNSS quality monitoring system as a turnkey solution. Our professional team can install the GP-Probe on your infrastructure, arrange it, and implement its integration.

System Integration Services

We can integrate our solutions into your existing infrastructure without hindrance. The GP-Cloud provides a powerful API for third-party service integration, which can be implemented on your own or contracted from us as a service.

GP-Probe Customization

The GP-Probe can be personalized to adapt to any circumstances. The customizations include but are not limited to: IP – 67, Vibration protection, built-in GNSS antennas, built-in battery, power supply, and custom radio links.

System Products

GP-Cloud GNSS Signal Quality
gps jamming and spoofing

Anomalies detection

Neural network-based algorithms can detect advanced synchronous GNSS spoofing attacks, jammers and other GNSS signals anomalies.

Enterprise-grade application

GPSPATRON team has applied the most advanced software tools for real-time operation under high-load. Each GP-Probe generates more than 500MB every day!

Time/position accuracy monitoring

GP-Cloud estimates the time/position accuracy and stores historical data: satellites, SNR, DOP’s, PR residual, etc. There are 15 charts for detailed analysis of GNSS signals.


Powerful API with documentation in Swagger allows you to integrate the solution in an existing infrastructure.

GP-Probe TGE-1 for GPS spoofing detection

3 RF Channels

Three RF channels to detect intentional, synchronous, multiple-transmitter GNSS spoofing.


The GP-Probe with a dual power module, real-time operating system, and secure firmware auto-update engine protect a critical infrastructure 24/7/365 days a year.

PPS Offset Measurement

PPS input for checking time server health and monitoring the entire synchronization system. The GP-Probe measures the time offset between internal and external PPS.


Optional threat blocker with an embedded noise generator can suppress the most powerful counterfeit RF signals… Learn more

Why Us?

Verified Solution

The solution has been tested in both laboratory and live-sky environments under the military-scale, multi-constellation GNSS spoofing and jamming…

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Wide Compatibility

Three system integration methods: WEB API, a GP-Probe embedded Lua, and the GP-Blocker to support a client’s multi-vendor infrastructure …

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Spoofer Simulator

To become adept
in the field of protection against GPS spoofing, you must become an expert in the field of spoofing attacks…

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Vulnerability Testing

We have tested various time servers from world-famous manufacturers with the GP-Simulator, even with embedded spoofing detection algorithms…

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