GNSS Radio Probe for Time & Frequency Reference System Protection

GP-Probe TGE2

Engineered for advanced GNSS threat management, the GP-Probe TGE2 adeptly identifies, classifies, and localizes interference, tackling even the most complex spoofing and jamming scenarios.

Evaluation Kit available for €7999
GP-Probe DIN L1 - GNSS L1 sensor for interference monitoring

GP-Probe DIN L1

One-channel sensor enables detection of anomalies in GNSS signals caused by spoofing or jamming. Scans the 60 MHz spectrum within the L1 band to identify interference. Monitors PPS accuracy.

Evaluation Kit available for €399


GP-Probe Case for TGE2

IP67-rated protective case for outdoor use of the GP-Probe TGE2, features a built-in LiPo battery, water and dust resistance, true shock protection, and a wide operational temperature range.

GP-Blocker - Front - RF-Switch for GNSS Receiver Protection Against GNSS Spoofing 2


The high-performance RF switch boasts an RF isolation level of 110 dB and includes an embedded L-band GNSS jammer, engineered to shield a GNSS time server from high-power and military-grade GNSS spoofing. It features an open API and is compatible with the GP-Probe TGE2.

Available from €869
GP-Divider - 2 way GNSS signal splitter with coin


2-way GNSS signal splitter with SMA connectors. 1 port DC pass, 1 port DC block with 330Ω load. Perfect for time servers with antenna preamplifier current measurement

Available from €79



GP-Probe TGE1

Three-channel GNSS probe with built-in RF switch to protect time servers from intentional GNSS spoofing

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