GNSS Radio Probe for Time & Frequency Reference System Protection

GP-Probe TGE2

Three-channel GNSS probe with an embedded RF signal analyzer for spoofing/jamming/interference detection and localization. It is ideal for safeguarding vital infrastructure against sophisticated multi-constellation military-grade GNSS spoofing attacks.

GP-Probe DIN L1 - GNSS L1 sensor for interference monitoring

GP-Probe DIN L1

Cost-effective solution designed for the telecom industry to monitor GNSS interference and synchronization quality. It features a built-in RF blocker, onboard GNSS anomaly detection, and PPS phase accuracy measurement.


GP-Probe Case

IP67-rated protective case for outdoor use of the GP-Probe TGE2, features a built-in LiPo battery, water and dust resistance, true shock protection, and a wide operational temperature range.

GP-Blocker - Front - RF-Switch for GNSS Receiver Protection Against GNSS Spoofing 2


An RF switch with 110 dB of RF isolation level and embedded L-band GNSS jammer. Designed to protect a GNSS time server against high-power/military-grade GNSS spoofing. Works in combination with GP-Probe TGE2.

GP-Divider - 2 way GNSS signal splitter with coin


2-way GNSS signal splitter with SMA connectors. 1 port DC pass, 1 port DC block with 330Ω load. Perfect for time servers with antenna preamplifier current measurement



GP-Probe TGE1

Three-channel GNSS probe with built-in RF switch to protect time servers from intentional GNSS spoofing

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