GP-Probe DIN L1 Firmware Version 2.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of Firmware Version 2.0 for the GP-Probe DIN L1, which brings several crucial enhancements to the functionality and reliability of GNSS anomaly detection capabilities.

Improved On-Board Anomaly Detection Algorithms

Our ongoing commitment to enhancing our anomaly detection and classification algorithms for GNSS interference has yielded significant improvements in this firmware update. We have successfully reduced the incidence of false positives even under limited sky visibility conditions. Now, even if your GNSS antenna is positioned on a windowsill, you can expect excellent performance.

Additionally, we have greatly improved the user interface of the built-in web panel in terms of displaying GNSS signal parameters. Now, as you navigate between tabs on the web panel, measured data are stored in the browser’s local database, ensuring no data loss during session transitions.

Spectrum Normalization

A new feature to normalize spectrum flatness caused by the GNSS antenna and its preamplifier has been implemented. The screenshots below show the power spectrum before and after normalization:

Before normalization, spectrum flatness was about 15 dB. After normalization, only the inherent noise of the receiver is visible, fluctuating within a few decibels. This enhancement significantly increases the sensitivity and accuracy of our interference and anomaly detection algorithms.

Detected Incident List

The device now records and maintains a list of all detected incidents. Users can access and download a CSV file containing detailed information about each registered incident and its parameters at any time through the embedded web configuration panel:

GP-Probe DIN L1 - FW v2 - Release Notes - Events List of Recorded GNSS Interference

Incident attributes include:

  •  Classification:
    • Interference
    • Anomaly
    • Low position accuracy
    • PPS offset
  • Event time and duration
  • Maximum values during an incident:
    • Central Frequency
    • Peak power
    • Spectral width
    • Anomaly probability
    • Position accuracy
    • PPS offset

New STREAM Software Option

The STREAM feature, now included in Firmware Version 2.0, enhances the GP-Probe’s ability to integrate into custom systems for advanced spoofing and jamming detection. This option provides access to both raw data from the built-in GNSS module and processed data from onboard interference detection algorithms. It also allows for the storage of all data on your computer’s local disk for detailed post-analysis.

GP-Cloud Firmware Directory

With Firmware Version 2.0, if your device is connected to the internet, you can easily access and update to the latest firmware available in the GP-Cloud Firmware Directory:

GP-Probe DIN L1 - FW v2 - Release Notes - GP-Cloud Firmware Directory

This comprehensive update reaffirms our commitment to providing advanced technology that supports the integrity and security of GNSS-dependent systems. We encourage all GP-Probe DIN L1 users to download and install Firmware Version 2.0 to fully utilize these enhanced capabilities.

For more information and detailed instructions on how to upgrade your GP-Probe DIN L1, please visit our support page:

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