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GP-Probe DIN L1 is a cost-effective GNSS probe with a built-in RF blocker, onboard GNSS interference/anomaly detection, and LUA
scripting. Compatible with GP-Cloud.

GP-Probe DIN L1 with Onboard GNSS Spoofing detection

Key Features

  • Supported by GP-Cloud to provide centralized monitoring of your entire GNSS-dependent infrastructure. The combination of two features – GNSS interference detection and PPS accuracy tracking – makes the device perfect for ensuring robust and reliable synchronization systems for mission-critical infrastructure.
  • Onboard Signal Processing Option – the device can detect anomalies of GNSS signal and interference without connection to GP-Cloud.
  • Integrated GNSS RF switch with an embedded jammer. You can connect the device between a GNSS antenna and a protected time server. If GNSS signal anomalies or interference are detected, the GNSS output port is disabled. To protect against powerful spoofing attacks, there is a built-in jammer that assures blocking of fake signals of any power.
  • Built-in PPS Phase Measurement Unit. You can connect a PPS output of your time server to a GP-Probe DIN L1 and receive real-time notification of PPS phase accuracy degradation.
  • Embedded LUA script engine and debugger for custom user scenarios. You can develop your own LUA script to respond to interference or GNSS signals anomaly. A terrific option for quick integration of the device into your existing infrastructure.
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