Series 3. Time Manipulation

In this video, you will see the How-To

  • Move a receiver into the past year
  • Change the timestamp by a few seconds
  • Shift the phase of the PPS by hundreds of milliseconds/microseconds/nanoseconds,
  • Manipulate time in real-time

During the tests, we discovered two crucial facts:

  • Despite the reception of signals of several constellations, the receiver uses only GPS to compute the time.
  • In some synchronous spoofing scenarios, the GPS receiver produced an incorrect PPS even after turning off the spoofing.


  • 00:46 Connection diagram
  • 01:46 Software configuration
  • 03:44 Last year’s simulation
  • 06:40 Real-time mode. Asynchronous (non-coherent) GPS spoofing
  • 08:47 Synchronous GPS spoofing with 10 seconds time offset
  • 10:55 GLONASS enabled. New attack scenario on the multi-constellation GNSS receiver
  • 11:52 Position spoofing
  • 13:19 100ms PPS shift
  • 14:39 200ms PPS shift
  • 15:47 Online time manipulation. 2us PPS shift
  • 20:10 10us PPS shift
  • 22:05 GPS satellites clock correction manipulation. 1us PPS shift
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