GPSPATRON Completes Prototypes of GNSS Monitoring Solution

The vulnerabilities of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reliant infrastructures has never been greater. With over 4 billion GNSS receivers around the world, events of spoofing, jamming attacks or interference can compromise the time and location accuracy provided by the navigational signal.

GNSS applications affect the lives of ordinary people, but most are oblivious of the implications of the technology and consequences of infringements or signal degradations. Average users may be aware of location-based services that allow them to navigate on their road, but GNSS is also utilized in many critical applications, including guiding airplanes for landing.

GPSPATRON Fills The Needs To Address GNSS Threats And Quality

In 2018, GPS Patron was launched as a team under Patrotest, a startup specializing in providing test and measurement automation solution to laboratories and equipment manufacturers. Lead by a team of scientist and researchers, GPS Patron has invested in time and resources to develop products and solutions that measure the signal quality of GNSS infrastructures and detect signs of spoofing, jamming or other forms of threats.

Major industries that rely on the GNSS, such as the banking institutions, power grids, transportations hubs, cellular communication providers and nuclear reactors can benefit from the services delivered by GPSPATRON.

The satellite experts from GPS Patron can assist their customers in implementing GNSS signal quality management and spot any attacks that are compromising the integrity of the navigational data. GPSPATRON also offers its service to enhance the protection of existing GNSS infrastructures owned by customers.

Proprietary GP-Probe and Intuitive GP-Cloud

The core of GPSPATRON GNSS quality analysis services lies in the proprietary 3-channel GP-Probe capable of measuring signals from common navigational satellites. The GP-Probe would transmit the gathered data to the GP-Cloud, an intuitive web viewer, in real time.

GNSS Radio Probe for Time & Frequency Reference System Protection

One of the highlights of the GP-Probe is three RF channels for assured detection of intentional, synchronous GNSS spoofing. The 1PPS input can be utilized as an external health check mechanism for PNT servers that relays discrepancy alerts to the GP-Cloud.

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The GP-Cloud provides consumers the transparency to view gathered information on a web browser. Customers have access to the satellite navigation system health in real time. The formidable machine-learning algorithm of the GP-Cloud will detect any instance of spoofing or jamming attacks.

Flexible and Economical Solutions

GPSPATRON positions its GNSS management service as both flexible and economical. The GP Cloud as a robust web API that enables it to integrate into existing GNSS hardware owned by customers. The vast experience of the GPSPATRON team also means that customization and integration are possible to maximize profits  for customers.

With such a flexible and economical approach, there are no motives not to protect your GNSS reliant infrastructures against spoofing, jamming or random interferences. The cost of incidences due to inaccurate positional data is often too high to compensate and too late to remedy.

Learn more about GPSPATRON GNSS Monitoring Solution here.

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