GP-Probe Firmware Testing

GP-Probes must work in 24/7/365 mode without a fault or rebooting to protect the critical infrastructure. Therefore, we put a lot of effort and resources into testing new firmware versions of the product on a systematic basis.

For a complete analysis, we have created a test stand of 12 GP-Probes and developed a methodology that allows assessing how the device performs in all possible usage scenarios:

  • Poor internet connection via 3G / 4G modem and Ethernet;
  • Power failures;
  • Spoofing attack scenarios;
  • Poor satellite visibility and GNSS antenna disconnection;
  • Incorrect user settings.

Each new firmware version passes through standardized tests prior to shipment to the consumer.

GP-Probes’ firmware routinely updates from the GP-Cloud servers. If errors or malfunctions occur, all device logs are sent without delay to the GP-Cloud server for further investigation.

gnss spoofing detection
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