GP-Blocker is Available

Now, our partners can obtain engineering samples of GP-Blocker and GP-Divider:

GP-Blocker - RF Switch with GNSS jammer

The GP-Blocker is designed to protect a GNSS time server against high-power/military-grade GNSS spoofing. The GP-Blocker is an RF switch with a remarkable 110 dB of RF isolation level and an embedded L-band GNSS jammer. The GP-Blocker is installed amid the time server and the GNSS antenna. In case GNSS spoofing is detected, GP-Blocker disconnects the GNSS antenna from the time server antenna port, the time server loses satellite signals, and switches to “Hold Over” mode. This maintains the high accuracy of the PPS signal under GNSS spoofing.

Thanks to the GP-Blocker, it is easy to integrate GPSPATRON’s solution with any infrastructure.

Take a look at a video about the GP-Blocker:

The GP-Blocker comes with a GP-Divider – a 2-way GNSS splitter:

GP-Divider - Two Way GNSS Splitter

The GP-Blocker features

  • Two-stage RF switch with total RF isolation level of 110 dB;
  • DC switch to shut the GNSS antenna’s embedded preamplifier;
  • L-band GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, GLONASS jammer with power regulation;
  • Backup power from the GNSS receiver;
  • RS485 with open API.

Read this article to learn why you need a GP-Blocker.

L-Band GPS Splitter
RF-Switch With Embedded GNSS Jammer
GNSS Switch for Time Server Protection Against GNSS Spoofing
GPS-GNSS Splitter 2-Way
GP-Blocker - Protect Time Servers Against GNSS Spoofing
GP-Divider - Two Way GNSS Splitter
RF-Switch for GNSS Receiver Protection Against GNSS Spoofing
RF-Switch for GPS Receiver Protection Against Spoofing
GP-Blocker and GP-Divider to protect time servers against GNSS spoofing
L-Band GPS Splitter
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