Chinese Farmers Jammed Aircraft Navigation Systems

Chinese farmers set up an unauthorized device for jamming GNSS signals, as is reported by South China Morning Post.

The device was intended to fight criminal-operated drones to release substances contaminated with African swine flu on Heilongjiang Dabeinong Agriculture & Pastoral Foods.

farmers jamming gps
Photo: AFP
Navigation systems of planes flying over a pig farm were affected by the farmer’s efforts to prevent a drone attack by criminal gangs spreading African swine fever.

The aggressors planned to buy low-priced tainted pig meat and resell it as wholesome at a market price. The device has been discovered after several aircraft flying over the farm complained about losing GPS signals. In some cases, the on-board ADS-B system failed to determine coordinates. Chinese authorities have decided not to penalize the farmers. The device was turned off.

ADS-B — Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast. This system allows pilots and dispatchers to obtain traffic information and determine aircraft position relative to other planes and objects.

The Chinese jammer exhibited an impressive capability!

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